Merry Christmas

Christmas is a fun time with parties and celebrations and time off work! For some anyway, but for others it is filled with loneliness, sadness and anxiety.

Loneliness is not just experienced at Christmas according to the National Institute of Health, Christmas is the time of year that people experience a high incidences of depression. Reports from hospitals and police show a rise in suicide and attempted suicide around this time of year too.

For people who suffer social anxiety in particular this time of year can make it worse, findings by Mind found that nearly a fifth pretended to be sick to avoid work parties, some find their social anxiety decreases around family, whereas others find it intensifies, remembering that you can conquer social anxiety and even reading up on it is a step closer to fighting it and changing your life.

The loss of love ones is especially more painful at Christmas, celebrate their memory by focusing on happy memories not regrets, spend it with family and friends and most of all look after yourself try and eat as healthy as you can, above all be gentle on yourself.

Many people are alone, if you know someone that is alone invite them around or visit them, they may not have mentioned it as they do not want to feel a burden.

l Firstly, if you feel it is serious always seek out professional support.

l Try looking at what you are grateful for, what you have instead of focusing on what you have not. Write a list!

l Focusing on the good things about Christmas, connect to the deeper meaning of Christmas.

l Helping someone or involving your self in charity will not just make a difference to someone else’s life and how they feel but also to yours.

l Make Christmas fun it does not have to always cost, watch an inspirational movie or a comedy, play music and dance around.

l Especially at Christmas Loss, divorce and even death can feel even more overwhelming invite others to spend Christmas with you or go to a club to meet other people.

l Easily said than done but get dressed and go out and be active.

l Drink sensibly and eat well and get plenty of sleep.

l Keep your expectations modest Remember that the family Christmas is rarely as perfect as we imagine it will be!


Wishing you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year, love from the Grainger Family xx

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