Don't Panic!

Panic attacks are very common and they are also very scary for those who experience them, many say they felt like they were going to die, felt like they were having a heart attack or going to collapse. With a racing heart-beat, sweating, dizziness, and tingling hands it is understandable that it would feel like something is seriously wrong. The body going into "fight or flight" mode also known as the "acute stress response" is what causes these physical symptoms, the body releasing adrenaline and noradrenaline. Although sometimes it may appear that there is no reason for a panic attack, there is always a cause which can be because of recents events or past events.

'PROTECTION ATTACK' This is actually what is happening, so your body is actually functioning normally because your mind has perceived danger. By just changing the word from panic to protection can have a great impact, thinking about whether there is a real threat and understanding what is actually happening in your body can make a difference too. Other things that can help are thinking of a time when you really laughed, the feel good endorphins could stop the attack, concentrating on your breathing has also been proven to help, know you will be ok as you have been before.

Living with Panic disorder can be not just stressful worrying about further attacks and experiencing them but can also lead to further problems such as alcohol and drug abuse, depression, relationship difficuties, can even make the sufferer leaving the house difficult for fear of a panic attack happening. According to around one in three people with panic disorder will go on to develop agoraphobia.

Counselling particulary Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) are an effective treatment for Panic Disorder, focusing on changing negative thinking patterns and behaviours that may be triggering the attacks and teaching new coping skills such as breathing techniques and muscle relaxation exercises will all be explored to find symptom relief.

You can heal your life!

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