Rewrite Your Life

Our true authenticity lies deep within, you can’t heal and feel nothing, you have to feel to heal.

We all have an ‘inner child’ who has been wounded in one way or another. Many of us have experienced trauma and carry with us, unmet needs from childhood. This can show itself in many ways such as a deep mistrust, a fear of abandonment, sensitivity to criticism, poor self-esteem, a feeling of not being good enough or a feeling of something missing?

For example, if anger is your dominant emotion, examining your childhood thoughts and beliefs and having 'am' awareness will gain an insight into the patterns in your life bringing an understanding of the connection. Defensive strategies that may have served you well as a child, may not as an adult and counselling can help so our adult personality is in control not the damaged defensive child.

Commonly, when someone comes to counselling with a presenting problem, it is often not that at all and is usually something on a deeper level. Thinking of peeling an onion is often an analogy used in psychotherapy to get through the many layers to find the root of the problem. A counsellor will dig deeper to find out why?.. Each layer revealing more understanding and with it healing.

Counselling can help release hidden emotions by healing and not re-traumatising. These insights regularly come up in therapy and can be extremely powerful. The new version of our inner child can then reintegrated into the adult self and can lead to freedom with a greater clarity.

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