Think Positive and Positive Things will Happen


The counselling approach I use integrates client-centred counselling and cognitive behavioural therapy techniques.

I also like to use creative therapy as it engages the right side of our brains which is responsible for our emotions. Unconscious material emerges when we allow our feelings to be expressed in a way which bypasses the censoring of our rational mind. This is especially helpful when I work with young children and adolescents.  Everyone is different so I use appropriate methods according to each individual.

Camilla Grainger

Be Kind to Yourself



BA (Hons) Registered MBACP


Level 2 certificate in Counselling Concepts

Level 3 Certificate in Counselling Skills

Foundation Degree CBT

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy,(Worcester University)

BA (Hons) Degree

Counselling (Gloucester University)   


  • Domestic Violence and Abuse DVA

  • Awareness in Bereavement Care

  • Understanding Dementia

  • Child Psychology Level 4 Distinction

  • Child Behaviour Course

  • Safeguarding

We Are All Made of Star Dust



B, Kenilworth

Age 56

Dear Camilla

When I first met you, anxiety after my illness was ruining my life, it wasn’t just what you taught me that helped it was how you believed in me when I didn’t believe in myself. I still use techniques you taught me and I can now say I enjoy my life…

M, Leamington

Age 63


I was in a very dark place after life changing injuries, my whole life had changed when I was referred to you. Being able to talk to you openly and learning how to change the negative thoughts all helped but what lifted me was your personality, you really were a ray of sunshine and made me laugh…

T, Warwick

Age 19

Dear Camilla

I was worried about coming to counselling but you were so down to earth and ‘normal’ I never felt judged, I didn’t feel strong after an abusive relationship, I couldn’t sleep, felt stressed all the time and I felt guilty for my children, now we have a fresh start, I’m at college now and feeling strong cant thank you enough !

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